Meet The Ministers

The Rev. Richard F. Jones, M.Div.
One of the things I like best about The First Parish of Bolton is the sense that I don’t have to leave any part of myself at the door.

I’ve been able to put to good use everything else I have done in my life — counseling, music, education, public programming, managing an historic building, supervising staff and interns, working with children, writing, running meetings, and, yes, raising money. But that’s only part of the story. I can also make use of all of the experiences of faith and religion that I brought with me.

The Rev. Bea Manning, Ph.D.
Associate Minister Bea combines her commitment to justice with her love of learning and her joyful self-renewing search for understandings and truths. These loves inform her strong involvement in small group ministry, book, film and topical discussions, and religious education activities with our youth. Bea is also committed to play, which she considers holy, whether it be croquet or folf or improvisations. She is a writer of poetry as well as academic articles. For Bea all spiritual searching has an action component that involves both service and understanding that can lead to the creation of societies that enhance justice and kindness. She takes these commitments beyond the borders of our church including activities such as being a trained facilitator for the UCC racial justice ministries. She is committed to our church both providing a place of solace for exploring and deepening our spirituality through reflection and study, and confronting the world with its good news as we attempt to walk as Jesus so often did with those at the margins of society.

Meet The Music Director

Alexander Lane

We have selected Alexander Lane of Acton as our new director of music. A native of Hobe Sound, Florida, Alexander is completing his Ph.D. in musicology at Brandeis University. In 2008, he graduated cum laude with BA in organ performance from Westminster Choir College, where he also studied choral conducting. Alexander received his MFA from Brandeis in 2010. An enormously gifted musician, Alexander is skilled in many musical genres, and is at home with jazz as he is with Bach. He begins his work in Bolton on 4 October. It is interesting to note that Alexander is a direct descendant of Robert E. Lee!


Shirley Sefton

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is charged with decision-making for the church as a whole. In addition, they are responsible for staffing and oversight of the various operational teams who perform the work of the church. Members of the Executive Committee are elected at the annual meeting in January. The ministers are ex-officio, non-voting members of the Executive Committee.

Chairman: Lou Colon
Treasurer: Mary Nichols
Secretary/Clerk: Roxanne Palmatier
Members At Large:
Mike Drabik
Duane Henry
Shirley Sefton

Additional Working Committees

275 for 275
Open and Affirming
Property and Maintenance
Social Media