About Us

We are:

Progressive Christians

Our worship life is centered on Judeo-Christian teachings, but we view scripture through the prism of human understanding and experience as well as valuing wisdom drawn from other faith traditions.


We do not adhere to a particular statement of faith or belief. We believe in “soul freedom,” and encourage each individual to shape his or her own faith and spiritual practice.


We are in relationship with our constituent denominations, but are self-governing.


Since 1931, The First Parish of Bolton has brought together people from many different religious traditions.


Our doors are open to children and parents, to single men and women and , to seniors, to the physically challenged, to members of the GLBT community, to those who have economic advantages, and to those who do not.


Church members support the life and work of our community by sharing their time and gifts and through generous and sustained giving.
Committed to community.

Set among towns that are growing rapidly, we nurture the connections between people that create community.