The First parish of Bolton

The First Parish of Bolton

Homecoming Sunday

Come celebrate the beginning of another year together on Sunday, 7 September!
Rev. Cynthia Maybeck
The 10 a.m. worship service will be intergenerational and you and your children will love it! Our guest preacher is Rev. Cynthia Maybeck who has been called one of the finest preachers in the Northeast. Cindy blends scripture-telling and story-telling as a way to bring the Bible to life. She "tells" scripture stories by heart, just as they were passed from person-to-person thousands of years ago. Her sermons, also by heart, are designed for all ages. They exude effervescence and leave congregations transfixed and touched with laughter and healing tears. Cindy is among the best story-tellers you will ever hear and experience!

Her sermon on 7 September is "The Knowledge of Wisdom." In a world overloaded with data and information, how can faith give us a knowledge of wisdom and ground us as we seek justice and serve one another?

The service and sermon are designed to be child-friendly! RE officially begins on 14 September, but don’t stay home on 7 September! Your children will be engaged and fascinated by the worship experience we are putting together.